Workers’ Compensation in Virginia Beach: How Much Can You Get for Your Workplace Injury?

Workers’ compensation in Virginia Beach may cover benefits for both medical bills and wage replacement. The medical benefits you may get are calculated based on your treatment costs. But you might be wondering how to calculate your lost wages and the amount of replacement wages you can get. The pay for wage replacement is based on your average weekly wage before you sustained a work-related injury. Learn more about how to compute this and how to evaluate your possible compensation based on such figure below:

How to Calculate Your Average Weekly Wage (AWW)

To calculate your AWW, your pay stubs from the 52 weeks before your on-the-job injury will be used as a basis. This includes your per-diem pay and overtime, commissions, and bonus. You must get the sum of all of your gross earnings during this period and divide it by 52 to get your AWW. This amount may not be the same amount you will get as workers’ comp. It is just the basis for computing this compensation.  Read More about hub4u click here cinewap Visit here viewster

How to Calculate Your Workers’ Compensation Using AWW

The methods used for computing lost wages vary according to the kind of disability that limits the ability of the injured worker to work. 

  • Temporary partial disability. With this disability, you can return to work with some restrictions. To amount of lost wages for this disability is 2/3 of the difference between the worker’s AWW and their current light-duty wages. 
  • Temporary total disability. This disability means you cannot work yet due to your work-related injury. In this case, you will be compensated for the work days you missed. The compensation is based on 2/3 of your AWW. 
  • Permanent partial disability. This is when you have reached maximum medical improvement and your condition will not improve anymore. At this point, your doctor will provide you with a permanent impairment rating, which is used for calculating your workers’ compensation. This rating is multiplied by 2/3 of your AWW. The product will then be multiplied by the number of weeks the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act specifies.This is also tinychat, one of the most popular websites for breaking news. Another azar approach is to use fruzo, which will always provide you with the most up-to-date internet news.
  • Permanent total disability. If your workplace injury is serious enough that you become permanently and totally disabled, you may get a lifetime’s worth of wage loss benefits. The weekly payment is 2/3 of your AWW before the injury.Visit this website : forumsporcasino
  • Death benefits. If a worker dies due to a work-related injury, their surviving family members may be entitled to death benefits including burial expenses, transportation expenses, and compensation to dependents.Here is the world best guest post website hiyak where you can the latest to old news around the world. And this is badoo also one of the biggest website providing breaking news. The camloo is another way that is always offer you the best online news of all time.


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