What is a contested divorce and what are the steps involved- Birmingham

When you and your spouse decide to part ways, it is important to consider available options that suit you the best. There is a contested and uncontested divorce; what you choose will depend on what kind of experience you want to have. Going through a divorce is one of the most challenging phases of one’s life, and having an experienced Birmingham contested divorce lawyer will ease your suffering. Coming back to types of divorce, let us know the basics of contested divorce and the steps involved.

What is a contested divorce?

When the spouses are not on the same page about things like child custody, child support, alimony, and distribution of assets, then a contested divorce takes place. A contested divorce may also involve an allegation on one spouse of fault, which the other spouse must prove before the court.

Steps involved in a contested divorce

Identify areas of disagreement: When you decide to contest a divorce, the first step before even going to the lawyer should be to identify what you both have disputes on. It is important to talk to your spouse as there may be tensions in your marriage over these issues, but there may be areas of disagreement that are new to you. Having this conversation before you file a divorce complaint or petition is very important since you can request a temporary order through the complaint or petition that will last until a divorce settlement is reached.

Choosing the suitable resolution method: Just because you and your spouse are having disagreement issues, that doesn’t mean you cannot cooperate in finding yourself a more peaceful way to parting ways. You can talk about having a mediation, which is much less expensive and an amicable process. Collaborative divorce is another option you can choose where you can hire your respective attorneys. It can be costly, involving attorneys and mental health specialists, but it is a great option to consider.

Final judgment: After all the terms of the divorce, you will have a final judgment, a document that a court signs to declare the divorce formally. All types of divorces have this document, including this formal document as final judgment.

Relax and focus on your future: Having an uncontested divorce would be a more effortless and quicker process, but going through a contested divorce for months and finally settling it is a sigh of relief. Now is the time to focus on your future.

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