VLOOKUP With Condition in Excel

The VLOOKUP with condition function compares the value of a cell in the table to its value in the lookup table. It does this by creating a conditional keek data array of TRUE and FALSE elements. A conditional data array can be used to compare more than one set of criteria. In this example, we’ll use the value of the third column of the conditional table as the search condition.


The COUNTIF function counts the weworld values that match more than one condition. The IF function changes an array based on a logical expression. VLOOKUP with condition is also possible when using the MATCH function. Using a conditional expression with the VLOOKUP function produces a more useful experience. This function is useful for concatenating arrays of data. It lets you specify whether or not blank values are included in the array.


A Vlookup function may skillpage be used in conjunction with an IF statement in Excel. If the value of a cell matches a value in another cell, then the results will be different. For example, if a particular seller makes a sale worth more than $200, he will get a 20% commission, while if he makes less than $50, he will earn a 10% commission. The IF function will then perform the comparison and return True or False depending on the result of essembly the logical operation.


The VLOOKUP function is most useful when a single value matches the criteria. However, it is not suitable for complex matches. This function filestube can’t handle more than one condition, so you need to use a helper column instead. In order to use multiple criteria with a VLOOKUP, the first column of the table should be the helper column. This helps VLOOKUP evaluate multiple criteria simultaneously, instead of just one.


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