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The Distance – Leading UK Mobile App Development Company

The Distance is a leading mobile app development company in the United Kingdom. They support clients across the country and internationally. They provide a range of mobile app solutions. A profile is a short summary of the company and its experience. It includes projects it has completed as well as testimonials from past clients. The profile helps you gauge the quality of the services and assess their abilities to handle any kind of project. An impressive portfolio displays the work they have completed for different industries.

The Distance is based in London, with additional offices in York and Manchester. They specialize in mobile application development, UX/UI design, application management and support. Their clients come from mid-market organizations and the education and advertising and marketing industries. Some of their recent projects include a self-guided walking app and an educational game. They developed native apps for iOS and Android and integrated a GPS tracking system into their apps.

Ending Line

The Distance is an innovative mobile app development company based in London with a branch office in York. They specialize in UX/UI design, application management, and support for various platforms. Their clients come from the advertising and marketing, education, and midmarket industries. The company developed a self-guided walking app for the London Underground. They also developed the app for iOS and Android, and integrated a GPS tracking system in it.

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