Research and Development Institute reveals CBD extract from hemp and its benefits.

Researchers from the High Area, Research and Development Institute revealed that hemp CBD extract has a mechanism of action that can help reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, and control seizures. Without neurotoxicity in terms of beauty, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties.

High Area, Research and Development Institute, is in charge of the “Research and Development Project for Hemp and Plants Cannabis is a cash crop and an alternative crop in the highlands.” It was revealed that CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are classified as cannabinoids. Medically beneficial cannabinoids are found in Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp genus. THC and CBD are abundant in the inflorescences. Extracted from the inflorescence It is not an oil or extract from hemp seeds. CBD is not classified as a drug. A substance that does not affect the nervous system (Non-psychoactive) does not cause intoxication. by acting to relieve stress. Protect nerve cells, anti-seizure, analgesic, and anti-tumor effect. Anti-inflammatory Antipsychotics and CBD do not cause resistance or addiction. It can be used in various ways as herbal products, drugs, and food. THC is a category one drug (World Health Organization) with psychoactive effects. (Psychoactive) causes euphoria, relaxation, makes sleepy, easy to fall asleep, stimulates appetite, anti-pain, anti-vomiting, and relaxes muscles but addictive.

However, CBD has a mechanism of action that makes it possible to reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, and control seizures. Without neurotoxicity, CBD can help reduce inflammation in the body. Reduce blockage of blood vessels that nourish the heart. And also helps in treating cardiovascular disease. In terms of beauty, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps fight free radicals and restores and protects the skin from pollution and sunlight. It helps to increase collagen and restore skin to be smooth. Stimulate cell renewal and create new skin, reduce redness, dark spots look faded, and add moisture to the skin. This makes cosmetics containing CBD a bestseller all over the world. In Thailand, the law allows the use of CBD in all ready-to-use cosmetics of no more than 1.0%. It is forbidden to use it in oral products or products used in intimate areas. Cosmetic products contain CBD as an ingredient, such as creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, lip balms, herbal products such as balms, etc.

CBD products in different forms

During the legalization process, the cannabis market has invented several forms of CBD that we can buy now. Depending on why people consume CBD, there are several ways to consume it:

  • Oil is one of the most commonly used products. Just a few drops under the tongue already have an essential effect on our brain. If the product contains THC, you may experience several side effects if you use too much oil.
  • Diet has become very popular in recent years and is safe. So people started consuming it every day. Foodstuffs can be bought as confectionery, brownies, chocolate, and even as an ingredient in everyday cooking. For example, you can purchase broad-spectrum CBD gummies with vitamins D3 and B12 from a CBD shop.
  • Lotions and topical creams often treat various skin conditions and muscle problems. This has allowed many cosmetic companies to experiment with CBD in formulations of creams, lotions, and gels.
  • Pills and capsules can be found in many cannabis stores and pharmacies.

Is it legal?

From a legal point of view, industrial hemp CBD products, and CBD shop have been permitted in most countries worldwide since 2018 under one condition: the composition must contain less than 0.3% THC,

while many countries are legalizing recreational cannabis. Relax. CBD products are recognized as a medical treatment for people of all ages who will get in a CBD shop. This is because many researchers have proven that the CBD aspect of cannabis has a beneficial effect on various health conditions.

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