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Iflix is a subscription streaming service that launched in 2014, focusing on bringing high-quality content to mobile devices. The company has partnerships with more than 100 studios and content distributors worldwide, and has 12 million users. As of January 2018, the company is experiencing a 250 percent growth rate in subscribers. While it does not offer free trials, iflix offers a subscription plan that allows subscribers to watch the latest movies and TV shows on demand.

Iflix is not to be confused with Icflix. The service is available in four countries across Asia: Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. The service has more than 25 million active users, and over 2.5 billion minutes are watched each month. This is an excellent number, and it should be welcomed by fans of both American and Asian television. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, there are many alternatives. Iflix is not available in every country.

Iflix has a team of experienced executives. Co-founder and CEO Mark Britt has a wealth of experience in content and technology companies. He was previously the CEO of Nine Entertainment Co’s digital arm Mi9, where he oversaw the company’s SVOD investments. Before joining iflix, he served as the General Manager for Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific Consumer and Online business, expanding the company’s footprint in Southeast Asia. Moreover, he has a diploma in law from LPAB.

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