How to Make a Logo for Your YouTube Channel

If you’re wondering how to make a logo for your YouTube channel, there are a few things you can do. First, you can use an icon. While it’s easy to use an airplane to represent a travel channel, it can give off a travel agency vibe. Instead, you should focus on putting together a design that conveys the personality and style of your channel. Also, it’s important to consider the demographics of your audience when choosing a design.

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If you’re making comedy skits, you’ll probably want to use a funny logo. A funny cartoon or a cartoon will be a great way to capture attention. Using a vector image will allow you to scale the logo to any size without sacrificing quality. To upload the image, simply sign into your account on YouTube and click on the camera icon. Once there, select “Branding.” In the resulting window, click on the blue “UPLOAD” button to upload your logo image.

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Next, you can select a font. If you’re using a Google font, use a typewriter to write the name of your brand and the keywords that represent your content. If you’re making a comedy skit, search for “comedy” in YouTube’s search bar to find the best possible match. Choose the one that matches your search criteria, then click the blue “Next” button to preview the results. You’ll be presented with several different options.

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