How Long Can I Stay in Another EU Country As a Citizen?

The most common question that EU citizens have is “how long can I stay in another EU country as a citizen?” In most cases, the answer is indefinitely. In most cases, it means that you have 90 days to live and work in the EU nation you are visiting. While it is not possible to live in a specific country indefinitely, you are allowed to visit it a limited number of times.

As an EU citizen, you have the right to live and work in any member state. As a result, you are free to move to any EU country without any restrictions. You can stay in another EU country without registering if you are a citizen for up to three months. If you plan to stay longer, you may need to register your presence. As long as you have the proper documents, you are free to stay in any EU country for as long as you wish.

Last Line

As an EU citizen, you are allowed to live and work in any EU country without the need to register or apply for a residence permit. You can stay in another EU country for up to three months without having to register. However, there are a few exceptions that require you to register if you intend to stay longer. You can do so with your sponsor by filling out an application form in writing. Alternatively, you can use an online form if you are planning to stay longer than three months.

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