Examples of Audio Conferencing

There are many different examples of audio conferencing, such as telephone and video conferencing. Telephone audio confrence allows people from different locations to connect with one another. For example, someone can make a call to another party who is in a different city and add two more people to their conversation. For telephone audio confrence to work properly, one party will contact the corresponding interpreting service. The conferencing service will provide an access code and a toll-free number.

Audio conferencing requires organized management of participants during the call. In some cases, a conference Moderator can mute or unmute callers in the order they have registered. For example, if a client calls the law firm and wants to ask a question, they enter *1 on their touch tone keypad. The meeting Moderator, also known as the Q&A Operator, then unmutes each caller in turn.

In Last

Both video and audio conferencing are used to connect people in different locations. With audio, multiple people can speak at the same time. This can be done through the conference-call feature on a desk phone or through the internet. For video conferencing, cameras are attached to devices or built into them. Both methods are done using the internet and a central dial-in number. If your company uses both types of confrence, then both types are available to you.

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