Easiest Country to Get Permanent Residency in Europe For Indians

For an Indian looking to work and settle in Europe, Latvia is the easiest country to get a permanent residency visa. This beautiful, modern nation boasts of strong manufacturing and tech sectors and a vibrant cultural life. While many Indians migrate to England for educational purposes, there are also those who come to pursue long-term investment opportunities. For these reasons, Latvia is an excellent choice for an Indian seeking permanent residency.

To be eligible for a residence permit, you must have a valid Indian passport that has at least ten years left on its validity date. The passport should be valid for at least four months from the date you intend to apply for the residence permit. You should also have proof of accommodation. In addition, it helps if you have a sponsor. While this may seem like an inconvenience, it can greatly ease the application process and ensure that you get a permanent residence visa.

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The EU offers several benefits to Indian immigrants. In addition to being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, France has some of the most liberal welfare and healthcare systems in Europe. For those interested in studying in Europe, France is an excellent choice. It is a relatively secular nation with few religious conflicts. The Netherlands is another great choice for those looking to work and settle in Europe. Because English is widely spoken in the Netherlands, obtaining a residency visa in this country is often much simpler than in other countries.

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