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Don’t Rub Perfume on Your Wrists

When it comes to ensuring the longevity of your fragrance, don’t rub your wrists. Many women use this method to apply perfume because the heat from their fingertips activates the perfume. However, you should never rub the wrists after applying perfume. This will diminish the aroma of the top notes and mix the scent with your skin’s natural oils. If you want to preserve the freshness of your perfume, don’t rub your wrists after you apply moviesverse.

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While your wrists may not be as warm as other parts of your body, they are still a prime location for the fragrance. Aside from allowing the fragrance to meld with your skin’s natural oils, they also produce the highest amounts of heat. By rubbing your wrists with perfume, you can prolong the duration of your fragrance. You may also want to apply unscented moisturizer before you spray rarbg date launched.

In Conclusion

One way to keep your fragrance from fading away too quickly is to dab a few drops onto your skin before spritzing. You can also apply unscented moisturizer to your skin before spraying. Having the right moisturizing factor will help the scent of your perfume last longer. This also helps the fragrance last longer. You can spritz the fragrance on your hairbrush before combing it. To ensure that your fragrance stays on your hair, you should make sure it is completely dry. This way, you won’t ruin your hair.

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