BBQs 2u Takes Pride in Selling the Top Listed Blackstone Griddle 28” Units

BBQs 2u is a generations-old seller of top-quality pizza ovens, grills, barbeque units, and other such wonderful cooking appliances. They are passionate chefs, who have kept updated their knowledge about anything new in the world of grilling and baking. Their wonderful collections have become more in number because of the addition of products of Blackstone Griddles.

Blackstone Griddles have come up with many options that have made cooking tasty dishes easier for users. Their 28” outdoor griddle with a hood is designed with many wonderful features for the users to experience the best feeling while cooking anything and everything in this hooded griddle. It is designed to allow cooking even in the outdoor environment, and this factor has made it the most preferred addition to the outdoor cooking appliance additions.

The 28” griddle is designed using all industrial-grade materials. These products can withstand the heat of higher temperatures and also are durable, and hence are considered one of the best additions to the outdoor environment. Liquid propane is the main source of fuel for this unit and it is designed with 2 different burners to make cooking more quantity of food easier hertube .

Even though the same dishes are prepared at home, people prefer eating outside now and then. This is because of the idea that the food items that are delivered from outside restaurants are tastier than home-cooked meals. With the help of this 28” griddle hooded unit, the owners can taste the food items just like in the restaurants at home. At a time, the users can cook 12 steaks, giveme5 18 burgers, 44 hot dogs, and many other such dishes in this unit.

The hood that is available in the 28” Blackstone Griddle unit is designed like just a dome to avoid smoke from escaping the unit. The circulation of smoky air inside the unit makes the food items taste just like the fire-burnt smoky dishes. The cover will also serve as the air circulator and even the flow of smoke inside the unit.

The height of the 28” griddle manufactured by Blackstone Griddle is 37 inches tall, and 53 inches wide. The available area for cooking food is about 524 square inches, and it is an electrically heated unit. There is no presence of a temperature gauge in the unit and the depth of the unit is about 25 inches. The total range of cooking in this unit is about 401 to 600 square inches.

The best part of the 28” Blackstone Griddle unit is that it is designed with a grease-management system. This means that there will be no greasy residue after cooking as much amount of meat in it after a single usage. Hence, the users can easily clean the unit after usage with the right kind of cleaning agents and store the unit away for the next time usage.

Many such wonderful things are added to the 28” Blackstone Griddle unit. The buyers can get all the required information by visiting the webpage


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