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Aiden Nevarez’s Death in Cabo San Lucas

Aiden Nevarez died in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Marketbusinessfacts His death was ruled an accident, and the death certificate does not indicate that drugs or alcohol were in his system. However, his death has left his family and friends with a lot to think about. They are now calling for improvements to the hotel and are asking for a heightened wall. Giniloh

According to his friends, Aiden Nevarez was an Arizona State University student who was on a spring break trip with a group of friends. Businessworldfacts The accident occurred early Monday morning. Aiden fell over a short wall at Hotel Riu Santa Fe, which was lined with palm trees. The young man had been staying at the hotel with a group of friends. Several of his friends spoke to 12 News about their friend’s death anxnr.

According to the report, Aiden Nevarez fell 20 feet, over a short wall, while hanging out with his friends. The fall was not intentional, and the friends were not aware that the wall was not a solid one. The tops of the palm trees hid the 20-foot drop bet6.

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